Jeff Mikles, PMP

Jeff MiklesJeff Mikles joined Ascend Partners Group as an associate in 2013, focusing on organizational effectiveness, human resources practices and policies, and strategic planning for non-profit organizations.

Mikles has more than 35 years of domestic and international management and consulting experience helping public and private sector and nonprofit organizations grow and prosper. This includes educational institutions and related foundations, local and state government agencies, healthcare organizations, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.  His functional expertise lies in Resource Management, including Human Resources, Organizational Development, Finance, Procurement/Contracting, Business Process Improvement and Systems Analysis.

Mikles’ most recent experiences include the comprehensive review of the Los Medanos College Foundation and review of the employee hiring process for the California State Lottery in Sacramento, California.

In the Los Medanos project, Mikles teamed with Richard Mahan to conduct an assessment of the Foundation’s fund development goals and objectives; strategy and tactics; internal and external resources; collateral materials; data base; policies and procedures; and budget.  The objectives were to: 1) evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the current organization structure, staffing and operations, and identify opportunities for improvement; 2) optimize the value of the Board of Directors for planning, guidance and fund raising; and 3) magnify the level of fund development activities leading to increased Foundation visibility in the community and more dollars raised. Mikles focused on evaluating the organization structure, staffing, resources, policies and procedures, and budget.  In addition, the organization was benchmarked against best practices provided by the Network of California Community College Foundations.  The study resulted in 24 recommendations to improve organizational matters, Board of Directors roles, financial management and fundraising management.

In the Lottery project, Mikles is currently reviewing the employee hiring process to improve the efficiency and coordination between the hiring organizations, the Human Resources Division, Security Division and California Department of Human Resources State Medical Officer.  Part of the project scope will include conducting a software requirements analysis and procurement of commercial off-the-shelf software to automate the hiring process.

Mr. Mikles earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University and a Master’s degree in Personnel Administration from Arizona State University.  He is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute.

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